Thursday, 22 April 2010


Formed in 1981, Erasmic Superfoam had a base above the Tav in Hawkhill where they practiced their post punk mash-ups of well known tunes.
After their debut gig at Art College, and a couple of tweaks to the band line-up, they got themselves over to Wilf Smarties studios in Edinburgh to lay down this track "Donkey Riding", the traditional kids song. It doesn't sound anything like how we used to sing it in primary school mind you, what with it's spiky, fragmented guitar going on, in a Gang Of Four kind of style. In fact, you could say it quite literally kicks ass!!
The trio making the wonderful noise are - AL STRAKER guitar/vocal - JOHN BUTLER bass - DAVE FEHILLY drums.
The track did attract the attention of John Peel, and almost got them a record deal, but sadly, much to our loss, it wasn't to be, and the band all rode off into the sunset!
The B&W picture above was taken in the 70's at the donkey rides in Camperdown Park.
Thanx to Craig and The Captain.


  1. VERY different, i can just see John Peel fitting that in between APB and Thirty Bob Suits,

  2. Musically it sounds like King Crimson... which is no bad thing!

    APB reformed a couple of years ago for a few one off gigs... The singing bass player, Ian Slater now works as a sound engineer for, amongst others, Pete Docherty.

  3. The bloke in the middle of the picture I think is Alf Robertson who used to run the wildlife centre at Camperdown. He used to come round all the schools with animals and a great big eagle and feed it with bits of mouse entrails....

  4. what a great tune, great shame they didn't get the chance to do more

  5. yes , great track , not heard it for years , Al's guitar a bit like the mighty snakefinger