Wednesday, 21 April 2010


This is another shot of Skeets Boliver.
Guessing from the relaxed looking scene, I reckon this may be them in rehearsal rather than in full flow at a gig. Not 100% sure on that.
There appears to be a recording device or mixer on the chair.
Anyway, although there are a few Skeets items already in the Retro Archives, here's a reminder of the line-up in the photo - from left to right - CHRIS MARRA guitar - GUS FOY acoustic guitar - PETE McGLONE sax - BRIAN McDERMOTT drums - MICHAEL MARR bass - STEWART IVINS guitar.
If anyone can spot where about it is, drop the info into the comments.
The picture would have been taken mid/late 70's.
Thanks to Mike Gallacher.


  1. that might actually be a gig, maybe in a school or something, there is a monitor just in shot at the bottom, most bands didn't bother to do that when rehearsing. there seems to be "auld Dundee" pictures on the wall too, maybe even Lochee Boys Club ??? how itchy would MM be with that scratchy Fairisle jumper on ????? LOL

  2. I believe it's a rehearsal in Dudhope Arts Centre, great photo.

    1. That was my 1st thought. My mum was the secretary there and used to be tickled pink meeting all 'the young people' in the bands. She never ever knew that some of them had talent LOL!

  3. If you want to use my original and doubtless very valuable Skeets Boliver Badge, you are very welcome.

    These were very rare even around the Art College at the time and I know of only two in existence. I know where one copy of Streethouse Door lives too. :)

    Talking of Mort Wriggle and the Panthers, Louis O'Neil who played with them is alive and well, still playing and living in Bequia.

  4. it is in fact a rehearsal at Dudhope Arts Centre.Yes it's an HH monitor (well spotted anonymous)I've just heard from Louis O'Neil in Bequia. He's coming to Dundee with his wife Jan (saxophone) next September. Watch out for a Mort Wriggle & the Panthers re-union gig.

    Stewart Ivins

  5. A Mort Wriggle and the Panthers reunion gig - how awesome would that be!

  6. Saw them at the Queen's Hotel, must have been '73/74? And I can tell you where one more copy of "Streethouse Door" bides....