Saturday, 10 April 2010


A couple of quirky images to end the MacKenzie sequence.
The top photo is from 1971, and has Billy standing alongside the St. Michael's under 15 football team.
He was obviously a bit streetwise at this young age, as he is wearing a black Harrington, Wranglers and bovver boots. A typical Dundee teenager look back then!
Finally, I'm not too sure what style the bottom picture is supposed to be. I can't remember the Russian goat herder look!!
Looks cosy though!


  1. You know, I can't understand why there isn't some sort of statue or plaque or something, anything - in Dundee to recognise his talents.

    Mind you, there have been a number of genuine talents from Dundee who haven't been recognised either by the council. They'd rather waste a shedload of cash on that manky boat thing next to the Care Commission on Riverside Drive.
    (sighs and shakes head).

  2. Calm doon Bridie :-) but a wee bronze plaque in Stobbie wouldn't hurt anyone.

  3. Perhaps a plaque on the phone box in Kirkton of Auchterhouse where he screwed as much as he could from the record bosses yes his best hits ever and the box is still there

  4. Billy, one of Dundee's finest talents..deserves to be recognised. Ordering a taxi from London to Dundee at the expense of his record this screwing his record company? or do you know different.. Anon stop being bitter.

  5. Billy Goat Gruff11 April 2010 at 12:57

    I met Billy a few times (although I can't say that actually knew him) but based on those encounters I found him to be absolutely insufferable. He was irritating, arrogant and hopelessly self-absorbed. I admit, he did have a great voice but the reverence accorded to him is based entirely on the fact that he died under tragic circumstances. I don't believe a statue or plaque to him would commemorate anything more than an extraordinary vocal range.

  6. Hi BillyGG

    I'm sure he was insufferable and I do believe that he would be arrogant and self obsessed but my admiration of his abilities has nothing to do with his early demise. Still, to this day, a week doesn't go by in this house without Sulk be being played at least once.
    A wee plaque to commemorate his extraordinary vocal range would be nice.

  7. Billy Goat Gruff11 April 2010 at 23:12


    Aye, maybe in the shape of a beret...