Sunday, 18 April 2010


A certain elite group of Dundee gang members (ie - those who could afford it!) indulged in wearing the above Prince Of Wales check pattern in their clothing. Suits, jackets and Crombie style coats mostly. They were expensive because you got them made to measure from places like Hepworth's in the Murraygate.
I can remember only a handful of Douglas guys at school who wore them.
It was a rather short-lived phase though, on the go in 1973/74, and then that was it.
I'm fairly certain this was just a Dundee thing, and not a fad that was wider spread, unlike the previous boot boy look which was a scene found all over UK.
It is a good example of posh cloth being hijacked by a young crowd and being turned into urban streetwear.
A more recent, and longer lasting example was the casuals with Burberry.

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  1. You can buy POW Crombies in London in the few Skinhead / Mod shops still left in the Capital