Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Every so often, I like to put up the Retro Dundee email address for anyone who's looking to get in touch or send stuff. So feel free...

This photo (taken by my brother in the early 70's) reminds me of the time I got the Tay Road Bridge all to myself!
This was in the early 80's after a boozing session at my mate's in Tayport. When it was time for me to go home, I decided to walk back over the bridge rather than get a taxi. However, unbeknown to me, while I was merrily getting tanked up before then, behind the scenes the weather had made a drastic change for the worse, and had become extremely stormy. When I got to the bridge in the wee hours, they had the "Bridge Closed" sign up because of the high winds. If I was sober, I'd have turned back at that point and crashed out at my mate's in Tayport, but of course having a touch of Dutch courage, I dived over the barrier and stuck to my decision to walk it. I remember giggling to myself all the way across, especially when I was being shoogled aboot by the wind!
When I reached the Dundee end, the traffic police were parked there to enforce the closure, and when they saw me emerging out of the storm, one of them jumped out of the car furious, shouting something like "Where the hell did you come from, didn't you see that the bridge is closed?". I just made up something stupid like "Oh I thought that was only for traffic!". Anyway, it's not as if he was gonna send be back across for being a naughty boy was it, so he ended up shaking his head in dismay and doing the "On your way" routine!!

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