Sunday, 18 April 2010


Around the 1972 to 74 period, Skinners ultra white parallel jeans were worn as an alternative to stone white Sta-Prest. Like the Sta-Prest, they were usually worn halfway up your shin to show off your Doc Martens or hooped socks.
There was a bit of a thing going with some gangs who wore Skinners to get a Clockwork Orange look.
The ad above is dated June 1973 and shows they were available in blue denim and white, and it was the white ones that were most popular. The girls wore them as much as the boys.
Around the same time, I remember buying white braces out of McGills. The most common type were the clip-on design, I however, got the button-down variety, as above, but it wasn't until I got home that I realised none of my jeans or trousers had any buttons on the waistband, so I ended up sewing some onto my Skinners just so I could wear the braces!!


  1. murder to wear to the Gussie park carnival, got totally "barkit"

  2. I used to have a pair of those. Yep, with the aforementioned white braces and doc martens polished obsessively with ox blood cherry blossom polish. Wish I could get a pair now. No bugger has heard of 'em or knows what you're talking about, which is staggering to me. LOL.

    1. original skinners - facebook

    2. i know what you mean best days ever . our lass not got a clue what i'm on about fukin brill times

    3. Yes, I remember them well, although never wore them!

  3. Yes I had a pair, but didn't hear of the white ones? mine were like raw dark
    denim & took eons to fade out(quality)
    I'd wear them now & I'm 60 (wtf!)