Thursday, 22 October 2009


This picture was taken when the Wellgate waterfall had just been newly installed into the middle of the shopping centre in November 1978.
It looks pretty bare at this early stage, but as time went by, plants were added to it's surroundings until it eventually ended up looking like a wee oasis.
You can get a reminder of how it looked in 1986 with all the greenery attached, in the Retro December 2008 Archives.
Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. I loved that waterfall. Every time I came back to Dundee from London the Wellgate seemed to change. First Tesco disappeared then lots of other key shops and the last time I went it was a ghost of what it was then... mind you I remember the Wellgate before that mall. Going to Largs....

  2. I remember around 1980 in the Wellgate, I bumped into strong man Geoff Capes. He must have been opening a shop. I was on my way to Bruces to get my weekly batch of records and he was blocking the way, so I just jostled passed him!! GG

  3. seemed pretty amazing when I was younger but mind you even the esculators seemed brilliant then.
    The fountain had drips running down what looked to us like thin neon.
    We used to try and reach to touch them.
    Not sure when the make a wish an element came in.
    We used to get loose change to throw in though to make wishes in the early 80's.
    Never did get to meet Adam Ant though.

  4. I used to re distribute the loose change you threw in, okay i pinched it !
    remember the stupid security guards who used to chase you!!

  5. when were the fountains taken away? does anyone know? cheers.