Tuesday, 27 October 2009


One of the more offbeat products to come out of Dundee in the early 80's was the Nimslo 3D camera. Timex manufactured them, with the project financed by Fred Olsen. However, the novelty camera never really generated much interest with the general public and it wasn't too long before the Nimslo was chucked onto the consumer goods scrapheap!
The name came from the 2 American guys who invented it, Jerry Nims & Allen Lo.

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  1. My Dad & Mum worked in Timex
    We swapped ours Nimslo for a pirate copy of Return of The Jedi on Betamax (apparently the first copy in Dundee)
    Mad to think 3d tech is only now really being taken seriously after loads of faddy attempts through out the years.
    Dundee was pretty much on the cusp of emerging technology at that time, technology that managed to get it right and yet spectacularly wrong at the same time.

    3d cameras, electric cars, home computers...