Saturday, 31 October 2009


I remember going guising twice.
First attempt there was a big squad of us and so once the money was split we only made a few shillings each.
Next year, there was only 2 of us and we ended up making a few quid!!
The second year was the most interesting too because I took my guitar along with me. Although it was only me and my mate, we weren't a double act, we both sang different songs separately.
I chose a pop hit that was in the charts at the time - "Zabadak" by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. This was in 1967 when I was 9. The song started with a percussive intro, so to do that I played "bongo style" on the back of my guitar, and when the time came to burst into the music bit I quickly flipped the guitar back over to its normal position and proceeded to strum along!
My mates party piece was "Nobody's Child", going for the sympathy vote there!!
Anyway, a couple of hours around the block in Craigie and all that loose change became pounds by the end of the evening.

Should anyone be curious, here is a link to Zabadak -

And if anybody wants to hae a wee greet, here's a version of Nobody's Child -

As regards the night shot photo, well that's a view from my old bedroom window - 1973ish. It's Kemnay Gardens in Craigie looking over to Huntly Place.


  1. First guising experience, me and a mate swaped jersey's turned them back to front..and we baith sang grocer jack..only knew the chorus bit :-)

  2. Gorgeous tune that one. Folk got good value on guising night in those days it seems!!

  3. That's 2 huntly place in view.I remember moving in 1962/3.
    The guilds were bottom left ,we the muirswere bottom right.
    Mr Ramsay who also stayed in the close was a boer war ww1 vet-dead ringer for granpaw Broon!
    You're doing a great job Gordon.
    What happened to the Newtons?
    John muir