Monday, 19 October 2009


This photo was taken in November 1972, when the new Craigie High School subway at Monymusk first opened for use.
However, after a wee bit of detective work, I reckon these kids are not from Craigie High. Here's the clues -
1- I don't actually recognise anyone (I was at CHS in 72).
2- That's not a CHS blazer.
3- The boy on the left is wearing short troosers (highly unlikely at secondary).
4- They have carrier bags which I'm guessing contains wet towels.
So my theory is that they are from a primary school in Douglas on their way back from a swimming session at the CHS pool.
Hopefully, someone may be able to spot which school/class they are from.
To help with the face ID, click on to view the large version.
Incidentally, easy to see the subway is brand new - no graffiti.!! By 1974 the whole place was covered!!
Photo by DC Thomson.

Since writing this caption above, the mystery has been solved. The class is from St Andrews Primary School in Banchory Road, Craigie. You can read some of the pupils names in the comments.


  1. This is almost certainly my class at St Andrews primary. I'm not in the picture but people I recognise are my brother Scott Clark, Ged McGoldrick, Colin Robertson, Steve Robb, Paul Motwani, David Mooney, Mark Harris and I believe a classmate called Anne Taylor. Amazing to see this.

    1. I recognize the girl to the left as my younger sister Ann Taylor

  2. That's great, Anon, thanks for that. Delighted to find out my hunch was right too!

  3. Got to admit I recognized Scott Clark... So I take it that makes you Garry Clark of Danny Wilson fame then?

  4. Yes that's my big bruv Ged McGouldrick with a u please ! My mum made him ware that duffle coat. I think it was our brother Bobs probably.

  5. Yes this is my class at St Andrew I am in the front row Ist Left next to Steven Black and I am not a boy in short trousers!
    I am Jane Reynolds in my knee lenght boots and fine duffle coat!
    What a laugh I remember that day we thought we were great getting our photie in the Tully!