Sunday, 11 October 2009


Here's an ad from the late 80's for Sound Control, the music shop in Castle Street.
The store is a thing of the past now, the premises presently being the location of the Academy of Music.

And on that note, I will bring to an end the recent music theme, which has been running for 3 weeks. There will definitely be another music themed run in a few weeks time because I'm still loaded with stuff. For now though, it's time to have a wee breather and a change of subject.


  1. Sound Control was one of my favourite stores in Dundee - I must have spent a fortune in there over the years. In fact, I often tried to avoid it, as I'd go in intending to buy a couple of MIDI leads, and come out with a £1,200 synth!

  2. Eddie Van Lavin'13 October 2009 at 09:07

    Sound Control would have done a lot more business if they concentrated on letting the punter have a go instead of playing every over the top party piece they could before handing over the instrument to a totally devastated teenager, i used to avoid it unless nowhere else had what i was looking for,