Saturday, 10 October 2009


I remember this particular event very clearly because this was the first ever Dundee University gig I went to.
None of my mates were into jazz so I ended up going to this one on my own.
It also turned out to be the only time I've ever had a "sneaky in" at University!
My uncle was the caretaker there and we had arranged to meet at 7.00pm on the night.
So along I went on this dreary Sunday evening in November 1976, and sure enough my uncle came to the main door as arranged, let me in, then locked it again. I was unaware that the doors didn't officially open until 8.00pm and so I had the University all to myself for an hour.
When the main guy turned up at 8.00 to open the doors, he clapped eyes on me already inside and wondered what the hell was going on. I then explained to him about my uncle and he was ok about it, although he did say it was a bit naughty!
All the University gigs I went to after that were done properly - getting signed in at the door.
Anyway, National Health put on a good show. They were a very technical band of musicians, using complex structures in their compositions, typical of the prog-jazz associated with the Canterbury scene in fact.
Dundee's jazz-rock outfit, Europe, were the support act.

The tour dates above are from an old NME I have from '76.

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