Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I used to get Bazooka Joe bubble gum out of my local shop, Stan's, in Craigie. This was in the mid/late 60's when I was primary school age.
The appeal of the sweet, apart from the chunk of bubbly, was that when you removed the outer wrapper, there was a second wrapping inside that had a cartoon strip on it, featuring the wee BJ kid in various adventures.
It was always good to get things at that age that were free and you could collect.


  1. I remember finding a big bundle of Bazooka Joe papers - the bit you had to collect if you were going to send off for one of their offers - in Huntly Road. Someone had obviously been saving them up for a while, but I could never find out who they belonged to so I could return them. Then swithered for ages about using them to send off for something myself, but did not trust mail order outfits as I had been stung for a set of collectable stamps that had never turned up :-)

  2. Mind the BJ comin strip, did he no hae a lanky mate that wore the roll o his polo neck ower his mooth? I know wierd memory..I remember the smell when you first opened them and the football cards..used to be keen on collecting land of the Giants cards when eh wis a kid.

  3. My dad collected the wrappers and I believe it was in the late 60's (maybe) early 70's, he sent away for a cute stuffed Terrier dog toy and gave it to me that I loved very much. I hadn't had it long when we were robbed and the toy went missing. My father past away in 2001 and ever since I have been trying to locate this toy...anyone out there have any clues or seen this toy or even know what I'm talking about...Thanks :(