Monday, 12 October 2009


This is the area outside Boots where Tommy Small sold the Tele. You can see him "in action" in the photo, taken in January 1974.
When you went to buy a paper from him, he would use a swift flick technique to remove the Tully from under his arm, which would catch you by surprise sometimes. Not sure exactly how long he stood at this spot, but it must have been a couple of decades.
His other patch was, The Phoenix!
Photo by The Scotsman.


  1. Wasn't he called 'Peanuts'?

  2. Tammy Sma was a good snooker player who played in the hall just above Samuel's clock in the picture above. He often played for money but would play you for just the table. There was also a school of thought that he was in fact completely loaded. This unsubstantiated rumour was in part fueled by the story that he never washed his shirts but just bought a new one when the current one was past it!

    What was the name of the snooker hall at the bottom of the old Wellgate?

  3. Not 100% sure, but the Panmure Snooker Hall perhaps?

  4. Panmure it was, Bain Square, bottom of Wellgate.

  5. The snooker hall was the Imperial, it had 6 tables and Tommy Small was always a regular but not really a good player.

    1. Had the table where you had to use a shorter cue !!!!!