Thursday, 29 October 2009


These were good fun. You used to be able to get Action Transfers from city centre shops like John Menzies and RS McColls. The packs came with a sheet of transfers and a gatefold card that opened up into a large landscape. There was a variety to choose from - battlefields, under water, sports, outer space and so on. The fun was being able to place the transfer images anywhere you fancied onto the backdrop, usually accompanied by, as kids do, doing all the sound effect noises along the way, guns, explosions, engines etc..!!
This ad is from 1969 and that's the era I'm familiar with, late 60's/early 70's, but later in the 70's they introduced Star Wars and probably a few other new ones, to the set.
Click the image to read the large version.


  1. Now that brings back happy memories. Action Transfers used to be my Saturday treat.

  2. till you rubbed too hard and took yir heroes haid aff :-)

  3. First got this when I wis in the DRI efter getting run ower, mind they brought oot a Jungle Book ain and then the themes were many.

  4. Me and my mate used to get the same one, finish it without showing each other what we did, then compare them later, saying things like "nah yir flehin'sa'sir should be ower there beh the moon. :)