Wednesday, 21 October 2009


On this night 30 years ago, Ian Gillan was on stage at the Caird Hall.
In the mid 70's he made a couple of decent jazzy funk-rock albums that took him away from the heavy metal sound of Deep Purple. However, by the late 70's he was getting back into that heavy rock mode he is normally associated with and this show in Dundee was the "let's rock this joint" variety!
By the way, the special guest supporting was Randy California, the guitarist from legendary USA band, Spirit.


  1. That's mental, I was going thru all my old gig tickets yesterday to put them all into a clip frame and noticed the Gillan one, and that it was 30 years ago to the day!
    I also noticed that he came back the following year and the tickets were cheaper!
    Noticed from the tickets also, there was a glorious spell over a few months in 1980 when the Caird Hall had gigs by Nazareth, Gillan, UFO, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Saxon and Ozzy Osbourne....nugget-tastic.

  2. I was at every single gig you mention Dode. It was a brilliant year or two, for seeing live rock music in Dundee.