Friday, 2 October 2009


When talking about the Snap-On Brothers, it's usually accompanied by words like - crazy, mad, loony, mental - not depicting a problem mind you, but rather, describing their humour & antics.
The other thing is, as far as I know, they didn't entertain on stage via organised gigs, they just "slipped into a performance" after a few bevvies at parties, pubs and so on.
The main men were - STEVE SMITH aka Zeek, DAVE MANN aka Giz and MURRAY TOSH. There was also quite a large squad who hung out with them, and more often than not, all ended up in the Bowling Alley on Fridays, circa mid/late 70's. In fact DJ Brian Wilson gives a detailed account of one of their performances in the comments of the Bowling Alley item in the Feb 2009 Archives.
I remember Zeek mentioning he had some of his own material down on tape, (there was a song about Hitler..!!) but I'm not sure if it ever saw the light of day.
There was also a short-lived splinter outfit who came from the Snap-On's who called themselves The E-Types. I remember they rehearsed up at the Bowling Alley but don't think the combo took it any further than that.
Steve and Dave moved to Holland in the early 80's, with Zeek forming a collective of like-minded freakazoids who DID perform on stage. Murray, who played bass in Dundee band, Street Level, went to live in Australia in the early 80's and has continued to keep his bass guitar active.
Giz, who used to work in Bruces, recently celebrated his silver wedding anniversary, and needless to say one or two Snap-Ons were in attendance. The urge to perform took hold, only this time it was videoed. So here is the return of the Snap-On Brothers, as sloshed and as mad as ever, with a song called "Policeman Blues".
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  1. yes groovy people,there's no getting away from the SNAP-ON's and you'll all be happy to know, we hope to release a CD in the new year..for people on facebook, clicky here

    yours in woman's clothing

  2. Oh no we've been sprung again.

    Yours in no clothing


  3. Hmmm, not quite sure about all of this. Dad dancing at the wedding reception springs to mind.

  4. yours in dad's slacks :)

  5. the Snap-on brothers live anno 2013....back from the grave...