Friday, 30 October 2009


If there are any old pen pushers out there, you may remember this product - Quink.
The one in the photo is an original I bought out of Burns & Harris in the Nethergate in the mid 80's. I've had it all that time and it still has loads of ink in it. I got it for doing BLOOD SPATTER in my cartoons, but me not being much of a gory person probably explains why the pot today is half full yet!
You can still get Quink these days, but this particular jar & packaging above is now considered "vintage"..!!


  1. I remember their blue ink, was very good for home made tattoos...

  2. used the turquoise ink for years, still have the fountain pen but the ink has sadly long gone.

  3. In the early 80's, there was a guy in Dundee had a tattoo across his forehead. Can't recall what it said but he obviously did it himself in the mirror because the writing was in reverse!!

  4. RETRO
    I remember reading of a guy who was up in court for his 50th appearance and his lawyer said that his client was semi literate,came from a broken home and struggled to find regular employment.The Sheriff said he had heard this excuse on a daily basis and was having none of it.The defence lawyer drew the courts attention to the tattoo on his client's forehead,the accused was asked to come across to the bench and the judge asked what YELRAM BOB meant and asked if it was some gang slogan.The defence lawyer pointed out that his client was a big fan of Bob Marley and tattooed his idol's name on his forehead while looking in the mirror.

  5. Marley, that's it. He used to pop into the reggae club at Teazers sometimes.