Thursday, 15 October 2009


Located beside the Keiller Centre, 2nd Base was the place to go in the 80's for a game of snooker and to try your luck on the slot machines.
Not sure if they had "next to the Keiller Centre" as their postal address, but it was to be found roughly around the back of Reform St/Meadowside area, 2 flights up...I think!


  1. seem to remember you went up some dodgy "fire escape" stairs to a rehearsal space for bands at the top , remember Boo Hooray , during Pete Ross period practicing there !
    very vague memory , anymore remember this!

  2. Yes I remember that rehearsal space. Left a guitar there and was stolen. Never went back as they couldnt tell me who had been in rehearsing the night before between 11pm when I left and 2pm the following afternoon when I returned. You learn from these things...

  3. I mispent my youth in that place. Was owned by Raymond Fraser and family. Raymond was brother of Jimmy Farser the martial arts teacher