Wednesday, 14 October 2009


This is what it looked like when they cleared the area in readiness for the building of the Keiller Centre, in the late 70's.
The surveyor is standing at the Commercial Street/Meadowside corner area. The picture looks over to the back of the buildings in the High Street, in the middle distance.
Photo by the Scotsman.


  1. .
    That's an interesting photo.

    Shows just how close we came, possibly, to losing Gardyne's Land. You can see GL right down at the front, between the four identical floors above the entry to Rankine's Court on the left and the entry to New Inn Entry (where the Arctic is) to the right.

    For photos of Gardyne's Land, see:-

  2. So sad to see this, especially knowing what took the Keiller Factory's place.
    I remember walking down the pendy from the Albert Square to the High Street....the cobbled lane still exists. The factory, I remember, (with my childs memory)seemed really tall and like something out of a Dickens novel but smelled like heaven...a mixture of hot cooking chocolate and butterscotch!

    Good point about Gardyne's Land.

  3. Yip, same smell as on Clepington road Bridie, coming from Mains Loan, I was told it was molasses, travelled for miles on a cold winters day :)~ could never get the paper aff the butterscotch tho , played havoc we meh fillin's!