Monday, 6 April 2009


Here's a crackin' picture of The Rezillos doing their thing down at the Marryat Hall in 1978.
This band of B-movie punks changed their line-up around this period so I'm not 100% certain who was in the group on this particular occasion, except for Fay Fyfe of course who is definitely out front wearing the silver gear.
To go with the snap, I also have this ad from back then which not only informs us that the Marryat Hall gig took place on Monday 21st August 1978, but earlier that day, the band made an appearance at Bruce's Record Shop in Reform Street, where they signed autographs and met their fans.
There was a large queue to see them at Bruce's and a good turn out for the gig too.
Their well known single "Top Of The Pops" had just been newly released at the time.
Incidentally, also on that evening dropping some vinyl was Deepwater Disco.

Photography by Mike Gallacher.


  1. Fantastic! Remember it like yesterday!

  2. As I recall Faye gave out some the most earthy put downs I had ever heard. Genius band, everybody should own a copy of 'Can't stand the Rezillos'

  3. I did get into this gig although not 18 but my abiding memory of this was the fact that they were running late and me and my mates carried all their gear in for them ! It was great we felt that we were on the payroll .Just saw them again last November 2008(30 years later) nad they still sound just as good