Wednesday, 8 April 2009


In 1985, The Sands in the Ferry was transformed into Buddies.
No change to the outside of the building but as you can see from the photo, the interior decor was modified. Out went the bright curvy spacious look of the Sands and in came a dark monochromatic claustrophobic replacement!

Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. One of the first DJ's when Buddies was on the go was Bill Butchart, who went on to be the DJ at the award winning Flick's in Brechin when it opened. Can't remember if Bill did The Sands before that. There's actually a very young looking pic of Bill on his Bebo page with the Buddies neon sign behind him. Visible in the picture also is a 12inch copy of the The Rah Band The Crunch 85. One of the other DJ's I remember working in there from this era would be Ian Menzies.

  2. Buddies DJ Bill Butchart circa 1985 does any of the old Buddies regulars recognise him, sorry for the long url.

  3. thankyo thankyou thankyou iv been looking for a pic of that for ages we spent every fri, sat and sun in that place that was my mispent youth thanx for that xxxxx

  4. Thanx for this pic-me n my mates Mandie n Heather spent every weekend there-Buddies rokked!!! Luvd Ray Hollis n Ian Menzies,the Cocktail Bar,the Burger Bar-rem bouncers like-Tony McCabe,Danny Mckay,Brian ?....please post more Buddies pics people!
    Lorraine Dolan xxx

  5. Hey thanks for the complimentm its nice to be remembered.
    Most of the old staff are on Facebook and thinkking of a reunion.
    I loved working here before going off to Ibiza and the big clubs of England.
    It always had a great atmosphere.
    Ian Menzies who was the Light Jockey now DJ's in Arbroath.
    DJ Dean Adamson is out in Bahrain and we are trying to find DJ Ian St John.
    I retired from club dj'ing but still have a Dance Radio show on Internet radio.

  6. Just realised thats me standing in the DJ Booth in this picture

    1. Sorry mate but that's Alex Sweeny in the booth.

    2. Sorry ray but you were never that slim.☺☺ oops.

  7. Bill butchart was my boyfriend while he was at Buddies and when he moved to Flicks. Dean Adamson is my cousin haha. Oh yeh I worked on the bar at Buddies for a while too

  8. Did Ian St John not go through to Kircaldy?