Tuesday, 14 April 2009


When the punk tidal wave crashed down over the UK around 1977, it washed away most of the cliched concepts that had previously been associated with the music biz, most specifically the level of musical ability required, and how to sell records.
So seizing the moment and armed with this new D.I.Y. outlook & punk attitude, groups of locals made a grab for their instruments as they set about grabbing Dundee's attention - and one such group was Scrotum Poles.
After a short period discovering what they can do with their instruments, 3 chord tunes began to take form, and the task of getting them recorded commenced.
The first bash went down on their own tape recorder, and were sold as cassettes with a limited edition of 100.
The next attempt had them splashing out some dosh when they pressed up 1000 vinyl E.P's, complete with homemade covers, which sold across the UK. Both the cassette and E.P. have now become rare collectors items.
The band line-up went through a couple of tweaks in the early stages, but soon settled for the following as the main members - CRAIG METHVEN (Smeg Pole) vocals - STEVE GRIMMOND (Sid Gripple) bass - COLIN SMITH (Stripey Sleep) guitar & GLEN CONNELL (Burt Spurt) drums.
They played locally around community centres, youth clubs, pubs and college, as well as venues in Carnoustie, Blairgowrie and further afield in Edinburgh.
However, by the early 80's, the Scrotes time had come to an end and they went out with a bang with their final gig, aptly, at the Tayside Bar.
30 years on, and for those of you who are finding it difficult to get yer mitts on the original recordings, there is to be a compilation CD to be released shortly. Called "Auchmithie Forever" it catches up with their back catalogue and chucks in a few rarities as well. I'll keep you posted on that.
You will also find 2 great videos on YouTube of the lads muckin' aboot around Dundee and Broughty Ferry, filmed back in the day, by Jock Ferguson. Plenty music on both and a good wee chuckle too!!
Below, is a little taster for those who are not familiar with the band, and a reminder for those who are. The track is called "Put An End To It All", from 1981.
Big thanks to Craig.


  1. I was briefly the Poles "manager" they were a great wee bunch and still owe me 10% from a gig at the Coachie

    Mike G.

  2. yip great fun band , i remember them, hang on sloopy!!!!!!!!!

  3. How sad that Craig has left us. Goodbye comrade. Jock F

    1. Hi Jock F. I was speaking to Craig for a while recently and he mentioned a Jock Ferguson, who helped film some of the band's video footage back in the day. Is this yourself? Let me know. Greig. email: greig1997@yahoo.co.uk

  4. So sad to hear of Craig Methven's passing. Thoughts and best wishes to your family and friends Rest in Peace Craig xxx

    A few words in the blog: http://greigstott.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/rest-in-peace-craig-methven-scrotum.html