Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Another reggae night at Blazers organised by Gripping Youth and this time featuring The Grip.
Not quite sure why it says "Leather Jackets Not Allowed". Don't recall any Hells Angels running amok in the city in 82!
Blazers opened in 1981 but was only in business for a couple of years despite having a licence up to 1985.
Did you know that in it's former life the place that became Blazers used to be a Masonic Lodge? It's full title was - "The Ancient Order of Buffalo's Meeting Rooms".
I remember being in there in the mid 60's too for a Christmas party, a works do organised by Charlie Gray. I got a book about Cowboys & Indians from Santa!
Cue - Buffalo Soldier!!
Thanks to DD.


  1. leather jackets not allowed??????? WTF ? they did have a following that used to follow local punk band List D, maybe trying to keep the riff raff out :) or was this a house rule for every night in Blazers? (no bikers or punks or SS followers) a very strange rule!

  2. It was Blazers 'house rule', they also wanted the DJ to stop the music half way through the night and announce 'mince and tatties' we on sale at the bar... Strange but very true!

  3. :) brilliant!!! no wonder the place had an "aroma" to it :)here's me thinking it was GG and his exotic ciggies!! are you sure it was "mince & tatties" and not "tatties & mince?" :-)

  4. "pass de stovies down thee left hand side" :)

  5. Fantastic! This sites coming up with some great tales, loving it x