Tuesday, 28 April 2009


From the early 80's - this flyer for a gig taking place in August may very well be the one The Grip used to advertise their gig featured in yesterday's post.
Everyone in the photo is wearing summer shirts anyway!!
Thanks to DD.


  1. that's no a grip, that's a squeeze ;)

  2. Always remember the Gripp the were good could have went further if they had really tried

  3. Hmmmm, I watched these lads start from nothing in Dundee, to selling out every place they played, got on University circuit playing to thousands with the likes of Run Rig, Bad Manners, The Beat, Aztec Camera, Rezzilos etc etc , brought out a couple of singles, got picked up by famous Edinburgh agency "Cosmos" were the "most gigged band" in Scotland 1982/83, moved to London 1983 started again , played loads of gigs @ quite popular venues, recorded some sessions with famous producer "the mad proffesor in dub" did a British tour from London to Aberdeen, hit a brick wall and called it a day after 3 years. How harder did you want them to try Brian ????? :=) I humped their gear all around Britain for a short while. But to say the didn't try hard enough, I think you must have been drinking the takings of the Tayside Bar mate :)