Friday, 3 April 2009


A title that I will now decode for the younger ones!
Rite Tyme were a dynamic Dundee beat group, on the go in the mid to late 60's - the swinging 60's in fact.
Band line-up : Stuart Cuthbert (vocals) - Frankie Vettraino (guitar) - Norrie Tennent (bass) - Bill Smith (keyboards) - Glen Jones (drums) - (also Wullie Munro drums).
Also on the scene in the swinging 60's was the new sound of Radio Scotland. Not the BBC one as it is today, but Radio Scotland the Pirate Station who broadcast from a ship based off the Scottish coast, transmitting on 242 meters. The radio station began on Hogmanay 1965 and quickly became very popular with Scotland's young hipsters. Because of this popularity, Radio Scotland started a club called Clan 242, which entitled members to merchandise, newsletters and the monthly 242 magazine. In addition, the station began organising Clan Balls in various towns around Scotland, allowing 242 members to meet the DJ's and dance along to the bands on the bill.
Which brings me back to the title.
One such Clan Ball was held in Kirkcaldy's Raith Ballroom around 1966/67 and on the bill that night were Rite Tyme, playing alongside, Cat Stevens, Gaels Blue and the Raith Showband. 7/6 to get in, that's about 37p in today's money!
All groovy things must come to an end however, and in August 1967, the Pirate Station was eventually forced to shut shop (or should that be shut ship!).
Below you can hear an extremely rare recording of the original Radio Scotland ad for this very event.
Big thanks to Mac.

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