Friday, 24 April 2009

GENESIS IN DUNDEE - 1977 & 1980

2 tickets - same band - same place - different dates.
Starting with the 13th January 1977 gig...
When the tickets went on sale for this show around November '76, a photo of the queue at the Caird Hall made it into the local papers. Fans started to form the queue around 9.00pm the night before, and the image of them with their sleeping bags, flasks and good humour was used along with the story of this rare sight.
The concert sold out within a couple of hours next morning.
This was the Genesis "Wind & Wuthering" tour, and like most prog rock bands in the 70's, the light show became part of the act, so there were plenty of lasers, strobes, dry ice and so on.
The photos were taken at this '77 gig, right from the front of the stage.
There is a recording of this show doing the rounds too....unofficially like!
The ad under the photos dates back to March that year and is from an old Evening Telegraph I have. This was another time I saw Genesis in Dundee in 1977, as the ABC were showing a double film feature on this occasion - "White Rock", which had a soundtrack by Rick Wakeman, and to accompany it, "Genesis In Concert".
I had to be alert to catch it mind you, as it was on for only one day!
On 24th April 1980, 29 years ago today, the band were here again, this time on their "Duke" tour and introduced 2 new band members, Daryl Stuermer who replaced Steve Hackett on guitar, and Roland....the drum machine! The new Genesis sound by this time was more lightweight as they ditched the idea of the 10 minute track in favour of the 3 minute pop-rock tune. As a result, they featured in the singles charts rather a lot in the 80's. On stage though, they still managed to squeeze in the occasional old classic from their back catalogue.
I remember Phil Collins name-dropped "Keiller's" during the intro to one of their songs! 

Photos by Alan Weston


  1. Greg McCaffrey and me blagged this gig with a phoney press pass,big Cahones and a few Olympus cameras. under the guise of Eurock promotions.. Happy days...Tommy -2-pies

  2. Saw both these Genesis concerts and they were both outstanding !! Great music and a brilliant sound !! After this Genesis went to stadium level and became even bigger !!

  3. Here's a link for the live 1977 recording...


  4. Following on from my misdirected time scale working the Rod Stewart concert - My next gig wortking at the Caird Hall was the Trick of the Tail Tour in 77. My recollection of this gig was the very big deal over the use of 'Lasers' as part of the light show. There was an issue with power which meant that H&S and Fire Precautions were 'adjusted to accommodate the circumstances' This meant I was to stand guard at the back of the stage out side the switch room to prevent any unauthorised guests looking to sabbotage the show. Sitting on the floor, as the band passed heading to the stage, Phill Collins wearing his then Addidas red/whith T shirt and matching 'tammy' asked what the scoop was with me sitting out the gig, backstage. I told him briefly - he lifted off the tammy and ploncked it on my head!! I got to see the gig. I am pretty sure I got a selfie with PC using my kodak 110 super cool camera... HappyDays.

    Saw the WW tour later on good but not as much as the '77 gig IMHO