Saturday, 25 April 2009


Last month, I put on a recording released on Dundee based label, ALP. The single by Andy Lothian was an example of the label's traditional Scottish music output. ALP also chose to put out records by hip young beat groups, and this one by The Vikings, was the label's 11th record, released in September 1966. The song called "Bad News Feeling" features the groovy sound of an electric harpsichord, which were all the rage in the mid to late 60's.
3 Dundee guys in The Vikings - Mike Fraser & Donnie Coutts, are the 2 at the front in the band photo, and Drew Larg is centre at the back. The other 2 are, on the left, Doug Wightman, and of course on the right is Alan Gorrie of Average White Band fame.
The ad is dated June 1966.


  1. brilliant, i'm not so old but have seen these guys play in dundee a lot, more respect should be given i think!

  2. Donnie Coutts was also the drummer for the local band Mafia.

  3. Yeah! The Vikings single is well cool, the B side 'What Can I Do' was also recorded on an neat EP by another 60s Dundee group Take Five, that has a great number on it called Stage Fright...anyone got a copy going spare?