Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Here's an excellent colour shot of the interior of The Sands in Broughty Ferry... and a great reminder of how it looked in the late 70's before a couple tweaks to its d├ęcor took place in the 80's.
Now for a quick guided tour - you'll see in the centre of the picture the yellow coloured doors with what looks like a "T" on them, that was the only entrance to the disco. These doors were at the end of a wee corridor just off the main outside entrance area and opposite to where you'd hand your coats in.
There is a serving hatch next to the doors where they'd put on hot snacks halfway through the evening - lots of paper plates involved!
On the right hand side of the photo, out of view, was the main bar, that is also where the windows onto the Esplanade were.
To the left, just off of shot, if you went down a couple of steps, that would take you to the dancefloor and the DJ's corner area.
Behind where the photographer took the picture was a seating area on a raised floor in the corner.
They also laid on a bus back into Dundee city centre at the end of the night.
If I was asked to name 1 track that summed up The Sands on a Sunday, it would have to be the track "Shante" by Mass Production.
There are other images of The Sands to be found in my September 2008 Archives.
Photograph by Nicoll Russell Studios.

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