Wednesday, 22 April 2009


One of the best nights ever at Fattie's was the time John Peel paid a visit back in 1984.
There was a great buzz in the town pubs before the event, then the club itself was absolutely crammed with the clubbers fully stoked, and everybody just seemed to be in a dancing mood.
Peely's selection on the night was as diverse as the music he played on his radio show - from fresh indie to raw punk, new wave to old soul, 80's hip hop next to 60's garage, loads of reggae and African tunes, and even Status Quo got a spin!!
The friend I was with decided to go over to him to see if she could get his autograph. She came back beaming and showed me the bit of paper he had written on - it said "John Peel - the world's most boring man".
A short while later I went over and asked Peely if he could play any Ini Kamoze (this was a new reggae singer that had burst onto the music scene), he just smiled and nodded.
And yes he did play "Teenage Kicks", in fact I think that was his final record of the evening. Even back then it was a song that became his signature tune.
On his radio show a couple of days later, Fat Sam's got a mention and he said it was one of the best nights out in Scotland he's had!!

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