Monday, 27 April 2009


Described on this promotional ad as playing "jute mill reggae", The Grip did indeed bring the sound of Jamaica to Dundee in the 80's, playing various venues around town.
It also mentions their single called "Keeping The Peace" which was recorded in Edinburgh at Wilf Smarties Planet Studio.
The photo of the lads splashing about with their troosers rolled up was taken in that far off exotic location...The Barracuda!!
You'll probably need to click on the image to read the large version of it.
I've got a bundle of great Grip stuff coming up, so the guys are gonna be hoggin' Retro Dundee for the next couple of days.
Thanks to DD.


  1. "jute mill reggae" never heard that term before, but spot on, they were at their best when the mills were closing down, went to see them at a free gig in the "drop in centre" times were quite hard in those days but dundee had a thriving music scene,loads of free gigs or reduced priced ones,i also remember pulse beat plus, megazones, aaga, the scrotes, nfa, pigs are cute, the junkies, and parades, street level, lots of local talent on show ,

  2. Fantastic description, 'Jute Mill Reggae' and love the use of the Barracuda too!

  3. i was involved in promoting them a few times, they were not right in the head, they would travel and play anywhere for a good cause, surely not a good buisness plan ?


  4. ok , heres one, did the grip and the megazones ever play on the same bill up in john o groats ???? i have a mate who swears he has a pic of both bands under the "john o groats/lands end sign" funnily enough he conveniently can't find it! hmmmm , maybe it was saint andrew going "over the sea to skye" :)

  5. The Historian2 May 2009 at 05:25

    Tryfin... TRYFIN!!! Fintry boy eh? I remember going for a 'an audition' in your office in Bell Street. Am pretty sure the 'business plan' was offered but refused ha ha.

  6. They both played a gig together in Wick once, maybe went site seeing, that picture is a possibility :)

  7. The gig was in a hall outside Wick, next to a farmhouse - the farmer sold bevvy to thew crowd.
    Megazones guitarist (Jim from Charleston?) took the train up on his own for some reason, rest of us were in the back of Forbes Luton. Stopped at a pub in Aviemore on the way up,trooping the colour was on tv - that was the year some guy fired a replica gun. Only other memorable thing I recall is the Kahmir Twist we had ;-) Who has a photo?