Thursday, 16 April 2009


Here's a top notch shot of the Barracuda which I think should help revive one or two memories of nights spent there.
You see that big black spotlight on the balcony, top right of the picture, I remember a few of us, who were a bit tiddly by then, gathered around it and took turns to shine the beam on the girls dancing below, and because of the drink, we of course found this funnier than it actually was. Our fun was eventually stopped when the heavies came over and gave us a ticking off!
Been there dozens of times though, but very rarely went in on a Friday & Saturday, my visits always seemed to land on a Thursday, Sunday or Monday, when they either had students nights or bands on.
Photo by Nicholl Russell Studios.


  1. I remember my first outing there was for a hen party for my pal heather's big sister. we were only 15 but managed to get in - only to walk straight into a mirror that i thought was more barracuda!!!!
    good times

  2. I remember walking into a mirror there too. I was thinking that the guy walking towards me was dressed just like me. I'll admit I wasn't sober at the time.

  3. :) you guys are not alone :) i'll join that club too, i remember doing my best Bob De Niro in there "you lookin' at me?" and i was :) great place, watchin the goldfish made me seek tho !!!

  4. The worst bit was, if you managed to see the night out to the very end, they'd switch the disco lights off and turn the main lights on. That's when you'd discover your troosers were soaked in beer, somebody burnt a hole in your jacket with a cigarette and the bird you had your eye on all night turned out to be the creature from the black lagoon!!

  5. went there a few times, didn't quite appreciate how much they had put into the design of the place, looks really cool now tho, if only we could go back in time , a quick pint in de vincis, then roond the corner for a dance, then ootside for the first kebab van in dundee! class !

  6. I used to sing in the Barracuda under the name of Susan Childe with the Flamingos, Does anyone have any pictures of the band? we would love to see them. Please email to:

  7. hello , Iremember the barracuda very well i used to work there behind the bars and also in the cafe upstairs susan childe and the flamingos were great that was back in the day tony daly was the manager and phil used to be the d.j. where are you all , i used to love the clothes you wore when you sang with the band was good friends with one of them in particular.x x x x x

  8. i used to be on the committee of the 106 club. we hired the barracuda on a wednesday once a month.we brought some good acts there i.e.kenny ball, frankie vaughan, tony christie to name but a few. needless to say it was not a night for the young and trendy, but very busy. may barrowman was president and the pianist tom booth was also on the committee

  9. There was a photographer there called Murray, who ended up taking my wedding pictures. I met my (now ex) husband in the Barracuda. I still have a picture of us both very drunk circa 1980/81, with my white stiletto heels !

    1. Hi all! This photograph was one of many shoots I did for NR Studios in B/F as well as all the stuff I shot for the club itself.

      Still taking photographs in Scotland when not up the hills paragliding :-)

      Murray Hay (PBM Photo)

      PS Hi Kathy xXx

  10. I used to be a dancer with a couple of other girls I was too young to actually be in there but I remember it looking really amazing at the time I also danced at Samantha's I remember Tony Daly, didn't a man named Mr Wallace own both clubs? and there were some really nice people who worked there too