Monday, 13 April 2009


A nice wee snapshot of the Tayside Bar noticeboard taken in Feb 1983. Not a particularly hectic week on this occasion but local electronic whizz-kids, Altres, were performing on stage that week, as were Portable People the following night. Altres, as I'm sure most of you will know by now are still going strong, gigging and recording regularly. Don't forget to check out the Altres website for more info and goodies, including original Tayside Bar recordings & photos -
There appears to be at least 3 bands with the name Portable People, so will have to check some old Cranked Up mags to find out more info on them. Feel free to supply any details on the band in the comments.
Big thanks to Kevin & Brian.


  1. Brilliant! Maybe around this time (1983) the Tayside Bar was about to shut down and thats why there were no other bands on that particular week? I seem to remember Brian leaving the pub and someone else taking it over for the last few months? Maybe my memory playing tricks on me (again!). Does anyone have any more pics from the Tayside Bar?

  2. Weren't Altres a Tangerine Dream sort of band? I'm sure they merged with Vex to create the weirdest and most far out band in the UK but can't remember what they were called though I did see them at the Westy many times.

  3. Brian never sold it to anyone it was bought over cumpulsory for new road
    The last night was nuts in the pub
    reason I know as I am Brian LOL