Sunday, 19 April 2009


There were quite a few bands in Dundee in the early 70's who specialised in the social club, private function, weddings circuit, and one of the better ones was Hunters Key. The band line-up changed from time to time, one of the members at one stage being well known guitarist, Jim Kelly. The steady drummer in the outfit was John Lunan, who has also played in quite a few other bands. On this photo though, the guitarist in front of the Hayman kit on this occasion for Hunters Key is, Dave Simpson.
Dave now owns a bar in Thailand.
The photo was taken by my brother around 1973/74 but he can't recall where in Dundee the band were playing when he snapped it.
A typical ad for the band from this era is the example above which comes from an Evening Telegraph dated March 1977, and is for a Hunters Key gig along at Doc Stewarts.
Perhaps you were even there?!!


  1. WOW! This is my old (very first) drum-kit!!! It's the first time Ive seen it since 1979 after it was stolen from a flat I was staying in, down in London. I'd came back to Dundee for a few days and when I got back to London it was gone. Last heard of in Wales (long story). Anyway, the reason I came to have it (after Hunters Key), was because my dad knew their drummer and he sold it to my dad. I remember going to view it and pick it up from a flat off Dura Street! Great but sad stuff Retro Dundee!

  2. Hunters Key were regulars on a Monday night at the lounge attached to the Angus Hotel. It was usually heaving...Question..unless you are a student with access to Union etc. where could you go in Dundee on a Monday night now ? There just seemed to be so much more available on weekday nights then (including grab a granny most nights at Rossies Rendesvous !)

  3. I've never been to the Rendezvous but I can remind you of one of the local acts that used to play there regularly in the late 70's. A band called ECOSSE. Ron Brown on keyboards. Their wee slogan was "Ecosse is the boss!"

  4. if you need any information on hunters key please email dave simpson