Friday, 17 April 2009


Dundee band The Poor Souls formed in 1964.
Band line-up : DOUGIE MARTIN bass - CHICK TAYLOR guitar & keyboards - JOHNNY "Hudson" MORAN guitar - JOHN CASEY drums. All 4 did vocals.
Locally they played at venues such as the Chalet and the Palais but often the band would be based down South, where the above photo was taken.
In addition to recording 2 singles, one on ALP and the other for Decca, the band also appeared on a TV pop show called Stramash. They performed 2 songs, and I have an exceedingly rare audio recording taken from that very show.
So below are the lads on Stramash, getting the crowd going with a track called "He's Just a Playboy".
Big thanks to Mac & PH.


  1. Just to let you know John Casey Passed away just a couple of weeks ago

  2. sorry to hear about that, loads of them 60s beat cats are passing away all too often these days, thanks for sharing

  3. Hey thanks for puttin up that cool audio of The Poor Souls, ok it's not as cool as their 45s, having less of that introspective Zombiesy (on the Decca sides anyway) kinda feel that I love about them, but it's not everyday you get to hear such thanks, I'm liking just rummaging about on yer blogs, cheers

  4. I just becsme (a little) computer literate and was doing reminiscing' Great to hear the boys again and really sad to hear of John's death. Helen Gray nee Muir

  5. Chic Taylor here...Great to hear John's ( The Case )voice again ... See you in the Big Band in the sky...

  6. I have the Decca 45 the flip is Lesley Duncan's When my baby cries which the band do a very soulful rendition of.
    I was at the West Hampstead Decca studio yesterday now occupied by English National Opera but the studios are all still there used mainly for rehearsals. Many bands recorded here I just wondered about the lost dreams of these bands and their one shot at the charts, 3 if you were lucky at PYE.
    Derek Varnal sound engineer for many years at Decca and local Historian Dick
    Weindling gave an informative talk about the studio and the legendary Klooks Kleek aka The Railway Hotel which is next door.