Tuesday, 29 November 2011


3 shots here that'll make you want to snuggle up in front of a coal fire - all from the 70's, and maybe even the same winter.
Not sure if the guy in the top image is someone in particular, like a well known skier, but I have a feeling that he was an ordinary member of the public who came up with the idea of skiing to work. Which ever it is, he was stopped in his tracks by a photographer up beside the Morgan.
Middle picture, taken along Meadowside, has the traffic sliding tentatively passed the museum.
And the view at Samuel's corner shows that it might have been a better idea to have had a cosy day in that day!
Photos by DC Thomson.


  1. i see Timpsons & Saxone were there , also still got a game of snooker up the closie.(Kings ??? ) Would that close take you up to Gardynes Land ?? theres also a wee guy "running" , must have had his wayfinders on :)

  2. imperial snooker hall? I thought it might have been Sreve Athwal waiting at the Keillors Pend but its much too early (in years) in top pic is there a wisp of smoke coming from the north side of the roof ? : )

  3. Bear...I think you need to give your screen a wee clean!

  4. Reminds me of doing the Christmas post as a poor student in the 70s.
    Ended up having to wear the girlfriend's wooly tights under the jeans. Surprisingly practical.

  5. Must have been used to the snow at that time as most have wellies and wellie socks on not like last year when lots of people were walking about still in trainers

  6. Remember walking down teh Perth Road one snowy morning as an Alexanders (Ragtime) Bus came sliding past at 45 degrees to the direction of travel on full opposite lock. None of the passengers looked in the least bit concerned - more than can be said for the driver.......

  7. The person skiing is Morris Woods. He was a Morgan FP. Sadly he died of cancer at a very young age.