Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Here's an ad for Jack Gow's shop in Glenagnes Road dated 1979.
Jack was not only a dealer in bikes - he was a racer too, and in fact, it was a crash during a practice session for the Manx Grand Prix in 1996 that ended his life.
On a similar subject, below is a Public Information film that was also on the go in the 70's instructing motorists to pay more attention to bikers at junctions.
Remember - HINK BIKE!!



  1. Jack Gows, better service than Andy Harts

    1. Andy harts come back next week.......

  2. He had a place at the bottom of Strathmore Avenue....I still refer to the building as Jack Gow's.
    That is where my dad got his Esso Blue/Pink Paraffin!

  3. I delivered his newspaper when he lived in Durham Street in Monifieth in the early 70's

  4. When I was struggling with a new family during the recession in the early 80's he gave me a job painting the new place (as then) in Strathmore Ave... He was just a basic nice guy, then I came to realize what a legend this guy was and still is... The typical unassuming, quiet, family guy but a demon on the race track...
    Very much missed..

  5. True Bridie, it doesn't seem that long ago the forecourt was full of motorbikes. I remember when the Japanese bikes were begining to emerge, i could stand for hours looking at all these futuristic bikes. Bye Bye Honda Superdream, or was that "Silverdream" ? :)

  6. Jack Gow, excellent racer; sadly missed. Lost his life at the 32nd Milestone (on the T.T. Circuit) during practise for the 1996 Manx Grand Prix whilst riding his 350 Norton classic bike.

    1. Remember those bikes at strathmore road....

  7. Gilbert Grossett,Jack was a great friend of mine and helped me a lot when i was motocrossing and when i started road racing.he was team manager for Scotland road racing team for the annual celtic racing event and he picked me twice to ride for Scotland it was a great honour .hes very sadly missed a true gentleman !!

  8. I started working with Jack when I left school at his garage in Session Street Dundee.
    Although I did not work on the bikes I started as an apprentice motor mechanic.
    Jack was a dealer for reliant and I can still remember when we got the first bond bug delivered to the showroom.
    Jack also had the contract for repairing the hydro board vehicles and Largs and Watts vans.
    I did enjoy my time there and my journeyman was a guy called George Greig and another named James Dolan.
    I never knew untill a few years ago that Jack had died doing what he loved.
    RIP Jack you gave me my first break ......Jack.

  9. I also worked as an apprentice at Session St. I remember George, from St andrews he used to give me a lift to work.
    I recently found out Jack was killed on the island from a helicopter pilot I work with who told me about it. Turns out he was the emergency medical helicopter pilot at the time.
    RIP Jack, I remember you as a fair and honest man.

  10. My mum Fran (a keen bike enthusiast)worked in the parts dept part time and i used to help her after school and holidays. It was a great shop..

    My mum had a Superdream, then a reliant robin too..

    Great days in the shop and going to Knockhill in the early 80's going to watch Jack race..