Friday, 16 October 2009


The Arctic Bar goes waaaaaay back to Dundee's old whaling days. The photo above, however, doesn't go quite as far back as that, but is a wee reminder of how it looked in the 60's. It did still look kinda like that when I ventured there on my one and only visit to the pub, sometime in the mid 70's. It was as bare and as basic as it could be, befitting the reputation it had as being a bit of an old-timers drinking den. Not quite the youthful setting for our "blaring music" requirements!
These days, it seems to have gone in the opposite direction (Antarctic Bar!?) and is now quite a lively venue for local bands.
More wailing than whaling..!!


  1. The only time I ever got beaten up in a Dundee bar. By Johnny Nichol and his dim-witted henchman Dave, because they thought I was a "poof".

    Five children later.....

    Johnny Nichol went on to be one of those Mormon people. Shame because I remember him organising coaches to see the Clash, Siouxsie, etc

  2. er by the way nothing wrong with being a poof or a Mormon or a coach organiser...

  3. He then went on to be a taxi driver for any years. I thought he was a good bloke. Punk Rock ok!

  4. Was in the Arctic Bar last year. Slightly sinister atmosphere, unpleasant pint of Tennents and skankiest bogs in Dundee.

  5. Worked there for a couple of years mainly in the lounge. Remember playing a tape with ABC's Lexicon of Love on one side and a Soft Cell album on the other. Used to like the combination of serving bus drivers and riggers back from the North Sea with Marc Almond singing Sex Dwarf.

  6. normal people and no posers yes !!!!!