Friday, 1 August 2008


On a cold Saturday afternoon on 14th December 1974, Rod Stewart made a special appearance at Bruce's Record Shop in Reform Street to officially open the store.
As you might imagine, the event did cause a bit of a commotion inside & outside the shop as the crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of him. The police were even present outside the shop, trying to keep control of the crowd and I should know, I was there in amongst it all!
It was a great way to introduce the shop to the city and I became a regular for many years to follow.
One design feature of the shop was it's "round" window, an idea based on a well known Parisian boutique.
It was probably the best stocked record shop in Dundee at the time and their wee slogan on their bags was "I Found It At Bruces".
The shop then moved into the Wellgate Centre in August 1979.

Photo by DC Thomson.

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