Saturday, 16 April 2011


Broughty Ferry wanted a piece of the action, live band action that is, and so Upstairs Downstairs cropped up on the scene to provide such a venue.
I have no images or ads of their place in Erskine Street, but I do have these 2 articles from a 1981 Cranked Up.
Top piece is a short review of Upstairs Downstairs, describing the sewing machine tables they had.
The one below it tells of the time The Grip played there, and in particular the moment the van carrying the band's gear crashed into the canopy above the main door!
Luckily the landlord wasn't there to witness it!!
You should be able to read it ok as it is, but if you're struggling, just click it to get the large version.


  1. Saw a few band there, don't think it ever had a good atmosphere for live music, too many folk starting out before going to the Sands/Buddies ! Mixture of "Ferry fowk" " Toddy fowk" & us trying to see a band. Felt on sdge. Back to the Tayside Bar i think :)

  2. Gavin Boyd, take a bow :-)