Friday, 29 April 2011


Another corner shop that was on the go in the 70's was Liff Road Stores, a grocers on the corner of Stevenson Street and Liff road.
It's not just the shop that has closed down now, it's the entire chunk of this corner area that has completely disappeared.
In it's day though, as you can see on the door, it was a Green Shield Stamp shop.
When the locals popped in for a pint of milk, there may be a chance they ended up with the same brand as the one in the other photo - John Kerr of Balfield Dairy in Clepington Road.
Shop photo is from the early 70's.
Milk photo is from Bridie.


  1. Remember it well.Was across from Liff Road School.Like a lot of corner shops in Dundee it had a good selection of sweets that us school kids used to go in and by with the occasional penny that we had. as for the milk it would have more likely been Fitchets which was just across the road down Taylors Lane.

    1. I remember it too. I attended Liff road school in 1964 and left for the Rockie in 1975 such a great time Xx

  2. Caira's just across the road there.

  3. no surprised it closed doon, went in in 1970, just when decimal currency came in. the woman behind counter wouldnt take my 6 2p peices for 10 fags, she said she wasnt takin new fangled money as it wouldnt catch on.

  4. Happy memories of Liff road school. And buying my quarter pound of Apple tarts xxx

  5. My name was Margaret Foy at that time xx

  6. The picture of the girl looking in the window is me I couldn't believe it when I saw it.
    Roma Lane (nee)Collie