Sunday, 10 April 2011


Bet you're dead impressed with this stunning shot of Chequers canopy. Just about got the "S" in view!
Easy to see I'm running out of homegrown images for Retro, but for what it's worth, the picture was taken in 1985.
At least their ad from 1984 has the Chequers logo in full, and I also already have a photo of Chequers up which you can find in the September 2008 Archives.
So, we used to go to this place quite regularly in the early/mid 80's era, but I can recall one evening we didn't get in.
Sometime in the early 80's there was this do up at the Silver Cage or someplace like that - and it was a "Punk and Tarts" themed fancy dress night. We all got togged up, me with pink spiky hair, chains & safety pins, slashed t-shirt with slogans, the works, and off we went around all our regular pubs in the city centre first before heading up to the do. It was all a good laugh until we reached Chequers and the guy on the door (can't recall his name) said "You can't come in like that".
Thinking he was joking we said "It's us"
Him "You're not getting in"
Us "It's only fancy dress"
Him "I'm not letting you in dressed like that"
Us "We're here every week"
Him "Can't allow you in here"
So despite us being Chequers customers, we had the door slammed in our face!
We got a good laugh about it afterwards mind you when normal service was restored on our next visit!
A little side note - the wee shop next to Chequers in the photo was called "The Postern Gate" and was a gift shop full of arty knick-knacks run by a really nice cheery elderly couple.


  1. I think you are correct Retro, i'm sure they even sold wee (very real looking) models of Morgan towers chemist, another wee memory jog there :)

  2. Excellent! The "Postern Gate" is of course a chemist these days - however, I have a hazy memory that the building housed a skateboard/clothing shop at some point during the late 1980s, early 1990s. Can someone confirm, or was this further up/down the Nethergate?

  3. I think...but I may be wrong that Dougie Cunningham may have had something to do with the Postern Gate
    however I think it was originally opened up by a very interesting arty lady called Lillian MacFarlane. Friend of the family but sadly long gone now.