Monday, 4 April 2011


This shot was taken on the 4th April 1986, the day after the Discovery had arrived back to Tayside and still wearing it's "Home to Dundee" banner.
The Victoria Dock here became it's temporary home until it was moved into it's now more familiar position on the waterfront.
You won't need me to remind you the name of the other ship in the foreground!
Photo by Neale Elder.


  1. Sorry to say that, today, The Unicorn isn't in as good nick as it looks in your photo.

  2. Wasn't the Victoria Dock the Discovery's "temporary home" for several years? I may have got my dates mixed up, but I have a feeling it wasn't until the mid-late 90s that the ship moved to where it is now. Obviously a much better location!

    I remember going to see the Discovery on a primary school trip, not long after this photo was taken. There wasn't any barrier between the dock and the "path", so our poor wee teacher was having kittens at those of us brave enough to walk across the edge, just one small slip from falling into the water...

  3. Talk about ending up in the water - I remember being at a private function in the Unicorn in the late 70's, and after a few bevvies when it was time to leave, my mate took his shirt off (kept his breeks on) and dived into the docks right beside the Unicorn. He swam across in the pitch dark till he reached the steps on the opposite side. Unbeknown to us, there was a night watchman spotted the caper and went spare. We just said it was a bit of high spirits and made off!