Saturday, 2 April 2011


Some of you may recognise the top image, published in the Peoples Journal in 1968.
It's 2 separate signs that were on a lampie in the city square which became amusing when you read them as one.
The other photo you'll not have seen before because it's an old family snap of ours from the 60's.
This is my cousin, Alex, posing before a game of futba down at Riverside.
Nothing special about it really, a very ordinary kind of picture, unless you count his large looking boots.
Check out his team mate standing behind him though - he's wearing a Trilby!
The FA have recently decided to ban snoods, so surely they'd have to clamp down hard on this offence too!
Unless he was a trialist from Luton!
Anyway, if the guy in shot is still out there, this will be the first time he's seen the picture.

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