Tuesday, 12 April 2011


This was the moment The Hawthorn's roots were wiped out forever.
Did they shout "TIMBER"?
With it went the other pub in shot on the corner of Victoria Road, the Top O' The Steps.
All gone!
Photos by The Bear.


  1. It was the big hand that did it officer!
    2nd pic down

  2. Yeah The Bear was having difficulties with email attachments, so he ended up using his mobile to take pictures of his computer screen and sent the photos through that way. Gmail to the rescue!
    It also explains the stripy net curtains appearance too.

  3. A great wee pub to stop on the way to the toon on a Saturday Night.

    Joe O'Brien where are ye noo?

  4. Tragic images.

  5. eh mind o goin in wi gwen margretson and fanta and they told her she'd hae tae go ti the lounge tae be served on the account of her knoblessness. I'll tell you I was shocked by this sexist stance then I had a pint and thought of it no more,it was the seventies after all.
    the bear

  6. I'm no expert on building foundations, but I'm guessing the reason these buildings were knocked down was to make way for the Marketgait tunnel, which was built around the same era? Or was it just more "professional vandalism" on behalf of the Cooncil?

  7. Professional vandalism...it is still an open space

  8. The bears comment is right. The Clep I think was the last place in town where they insisted on the wimmen going to the lounge.

    After being in Edinburgh for a couple of years it was a shock to come back to being shoved into the overcrowded wee lounge wi loads of other "wimmen".

  9. used to meet ma auld man at the pub at the bottom and go to the victoria pictures just round the corner!!!