Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Well I couldn't end the recent retro pub crawl without giving a wee shout to the delights of O.V.D. who are still on the go, with the ad on top dated 1974, just a year before I started boozing. Never touched the crude oil myself mind you, but my mum has been drinking O.V.D. for decades and continues to indulge to this day!
The middle ad is from 1981 and is for Scottish Brewers when they had premises in Smeaton Road.
Finally, another ad from 1981, this time for a place I know nothing about - Blackness Wines - who supplied wines locally. I don't think there was an actual brand called Blackness Wine though. Can't say I saw any vineyards up Westport anyway!
And so that's enough alcohol related items for now.
Time to sober up and get fit!


  1. OVD a great drink

  2. The cartoon guy has got a pint glass in his hand in the O.V.D. advert. Let's hope it's not full of O.V.D. or it will be early dark.
    It has been mentioned before but George Morton had premises between Exchange Street and Dock Street.O.V.D. was/is popular in the East of Scotland but almost unheard of in the West where Langs held sway. Aaaah. Rum and black or rum and coke. Does anybody still drink it?