Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Another ad featuring a few more local pubs. This time all belonging to Bett Inns and dated 1987.
In my day, The Occidental used to be more popular with Douglas guys than with Ferry folk. It may not be like that now though.


  1. Thomsons , could put you up for the night and hire you a conference room ?????? for how many 3? :)

  2. The Occidental must have been the quietest pub ever. The only time it came alive was when Jeff Stewart took it over and wove his magic (which, like when he took over the Eagle, seemed to consist of spending about £50 in B&Q.) Mind you, anybody was an improvement on ex United player George Fleming and his wife who had been in the Eagle. They gave the distinct impression that they just did not want to be there.
    Retro. Re the Occidental being popular with Douglas guys.Are you perhaps confusing it with the Ballinard up the road which like Jolly's was a hotel and so, able to open on Sundays in the bad old days. I can remember hordes going to both as they were the nearest watering holes to Douglas and also perhaps a bit of a change from the Lea Rig or whatever.Doc. Stewarts was also mobbed on Sundays for the same reason.
    The Ballinard was also well known for its Friday "gentlemens nights" which consisted of a couple of strippers and Ian Smokie Gray as compere and comic.

  3. It may be because it was the pub nearest to the bus stop as to why it had the Douglas guys in, but it was probably just a quick stop-off point for a couple of jars before heading up to the Ballinard.
    I remember I got dragged to one of those stripper nights when I was 18. I was half expecting to see Sid James leap out from behind the bar and do one of his dirty laughs!