Friday, 8 April 2011


There are 2 images of The Scout up on Retro already, but this one here is my favourite.
Taken in 1980, it shows what a weather beaten, run down, lived in, messed up gem of a drinking den it was.
Lifestyle designers would have charged a fortune in the 1990's to fake a distressed look as good as this!
The Scout was the real thing though, and delighted to say it was just as naturally shabby on the inside.
Hard to believe young boozers would queue up at weekends to get into a place that looked like this, but they did, with the queue often going around the corner into the Hackie. There they would be, waiting for a couple of people to leave the joint so's another couple could squeeze inside.
It was a pub where you could comfortably let yourself go, act daft, muck about, and nobody would give a hoot. In fact, the bar staff clearly encouraged craziness, and not only would they join in, they'd often be the ones to spark the madness off.
In the height of summer they'd keep the door wide open to try get some ventilation in the place but it never worked and everybody would be dripping in sweat!
George Thorogood would be blasting full volume out the PA, and they had their well known cartoon "Happiness is a life debauched" on the wall beside the bog!
Always a great laugh to be had there - you just had to keep going back for more!
You couldn't fake it..!!
Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. Some of my fondest memories of the seventies were eclectic collection of customers of professionals ,students and unemployed.
    With its dark green tartan wallpaper with a collection of posters and photographs plastered over the surfaces,including a large shot of Peter Benedetti with a massive pile of pies in front of him and posters for Stan Urbans 1958 Road Show.
    A "lounge" area which had its walls removed to allow larger floor space,Merrydown cider (not available elsewhere at that time)McEwans Export 30p a pint,Whitbread was a bit cheaper,a belt that held shots of Jagermeister hanging at the side of the bar(but not as widely drunk then)
    Clark and Spike serving most of the time.
    Toilets that must have been the smallest around and very basic.
    Music that was simply right for the place,although they played Sleaz band,I don't think Clark was too happy when Lonnie Donegans "Everybody Have A Drink On Me" came on.
    Being there watching Scotland qualify for the 1978 World Cup Finals....those were the days.

  2. proud to say i got barred there when i was 17 , then barred from the Tav , then...etc

  3. Barred for doing what?
    I got barred from Da Vinci's once for falling asleep!!
    It was only a 2 week ban though, Frankie eventually seeing sense!

  4. You should have just come down to the Hansom Cab for a drink with the rest of us under-agers!

  5. Laughing myself silly at the memories ! Oh, the memories. I loved it here, and remember a really fanciable bloke called Ian who had a moustache. I told him my name was Chanel and he always thought it was. He was (to me) a bit old, although he was probably 30. My route was Scout, Tav, Da Vincis followed by The Barracuda. I never partook of a kebab though hee !

  6. Remember The Scout, great pub. Standing room only from about 7 o'clock every weekend. Worked part time there for a couple of years in the late 70's. Clark and Spike were the managers. Remember working behind the bar with Alec Preston and Davie Donaldson. Great lads, a great time and a great pub to work in. Paid £4 a night with a toastie and a pint after the shift. Ian Hamilton the owner had a big American car I think it was a Corvette convertiblepossibly pink in colour. He later opened a bar diner called Lyrics in town. T.T.

    1. My Dad now passed was at school with Davie Donaldson.where is he now

  7. I remember just before it closed when a girl walked into the ladies and her foot went right through the floor - you could see it where the steps to the cellar were. She shrieked, then asked "Eh'n no gonna get barred, am eh?" AH, those days - now she'd shout for a lawyer.

    I remember one night and Alec on the door asked the folk outside to form two queues, one for students and the other for the rest of the people. Needless to say, the 'rest' got in and the students learned a lesson.

  8. Met my wife there august 7th 1982. a very special day. Simply the best pub ever. Big thanks to the late great Ian Hamilton and his fantastic staff. Can anyone tell me what was significant about that date, with regards to the scout.