Saturday, 30 April 2011


I forgot all about this wee shop until I saw this photo - Dundee Philatelic Supplies at Sinderins, on the Perth Road / Hawkhill junction.
Can't say I was ever in it mind you, but passed it often enough.
The shop itself was being stamped out at the time of the photo which was taken on 23rd September 1982.
The corner seated area still remains today, but the wedge of shops that are boarded up, have all been demolished.
And is that a couple of Harris pupils plunking? Surely not!
The 3 white posters on the boards are for Hot Chocolate, who were playing at the Caird Hall in Sept '82, a review of which can be found in the Nov 2009 Retro Archive.
Leading us nicely into the start of another music theme in May.
It'll be mega. So stick around!
Photo by Neale Elder.


  1. As a Harris pupil, I used to sit on that very bench eating my baked tattie from The Baked Tattie after spending the rest of my dinner money in Groucho's just a wee bit further down the road.

  2. Those wee steps in the photo weren't much of a short-cut.
    You'd only be saving yourself about 10 paces!

  3. and there was originally a phone box, and maybe a police box nearer the point of the triangle too?

  4. The buildings were being demolished to make way for the widened Hawkhill, acting as the 'University Bypass'. (The Globe Bar building at the West Port nearly went the same way, but was listed in 1979.)

    The gable end visible on the right of the picture was given new facing and had a bay window added to replicate the look of the old corner, so the Sinderins wasn't really spoiled by the road widening.

    A 1980 picture of mine shows two phone boxes beside the steps, actually where the Harris kids are sitting in this view.

  5. I remember it as Johnsons stores with basket delivery bikes parked outside, ah the good auld days when you could buy four slices of chopped ham and pork(spam) and a quarter ounce of kendal brown snuff and still hae cheenge fae a tanner!

  6. Flippin heck, you're much older than I thought!

  7. This wan my back yard and I have lots of fond memories. Yes it was as others say, and there was an old Police box on the corner. Across the road was a church at the top of Shepheards Loan where we kids would go to the 'scrammies' on a Saturday.

    Going towards the auld Willie Lows store/Menies pub there was a store the Harris kids went to get burgers from and had an eccentric guy with glasses whose catchphrase in a ponsy accent "would you like onions". Cracked us up.

    The first street from your picture was a small wynd called Pennicook Lane - at the top was an old sweet/grocer shop caled Peggies Store. Nice old woman, with lemonade bottles inside the entrance we never managed to pinch as the door bell rang on opening and she always appeared from upstairs coming down in a flash

    Further on the main Perth Road was George Irvine butchers a greengrocers and newsagent acrss the other side where I'd but a tele for paw in the evenings and keep the change

  8. wasn't Sinderins Electronics one of these shops. I left Dundee around 1980 but the shop was still on the go at that time.
    Electronic repair shop. I handed in an old Watkins valve amp around 1976 that had been stripped of speaker, valves and everything else. Came out a week later working beautifully. Bill was a very reasonable £12 or so. sold it 25 years later for £170. Dam these reliable modern electronics!

  9. My Aunt Peggy Martin had a wee shop just up the road on Hawkhill.

  10. If they were plunking from Harris they were probably in the snooker hall in Blackness Avenue

  11. i remember it as Johnsons stores too ,one of my favorite places was just up the hakhill near (peggys) the western cycle depo ,loved that place ,spent all my pocket money there .