Wednesday, 13 April 2011


You may be able to spot some of your old haunts in this Tennents Caledonian ad from 1979.
Most of the pubs named, I have no material on - no photo's, no ads - so won't be able to do an individual feature on them.
If you want to give any pubs on the list a mention, feel free to have a wee blether about them in the comments.
I thought the Golden Pheasant was a Chinese take-away!
Just goes to show you can't always rely on your own memory!


  1. Had my first under age pint in The Hansom Cab.

    And I used to live near that quaint, traditional pub, The Lea Rig. A pub where the sawdust on the floor was last night's furniture.

    A mate of mine went in once and asked if they served a bar lunch. One of the regualars asked "You some kinda poof?"

  2. Eh had meh furst underage pint but I spat it oot it wisnae ready yet Ha Ha, so I had a can o' piper export, man that wis great beer but it was so hoppy meh mum could smell it aff meh breath

  3. I seem to remember the Golden Pheasant (Macalpine Road, across from the first Ardler multi) had an "open suitcase" day on a Sunday. You could sit at your table and people would wander round selling you anything from shampoo to Betamax players - no questions asked. I could be wrong though officer.

  4. Didn't the pheasant have a 5 lane bowling alley in the basement?

  5. the Fez(pheasant) did indeed have a bowling alley in basement, that latterly became the discos. it was once known as a quality place with the outside patio etc. It had an "open suitcase" most nights towards the end :) Even now i have a standing joke ith a pal, if we are in a pub thats a bit rough i always say " sheest thought i was back in the Fez there.. how we laugh . Lesley g.